Viejas Live

I used to live stream video but it got too expensive. The Rez doesn't have cable and the service I do have restricts your useage, bummer. Maybe I'll figure out how to send still images.

This is a picture of Viejas Mountain. It has a great historical and cultural meaning to my tribe. It is like a link to the other world, or worlds, if you believe in the multi-verse theory. 

Wow, this took me a while to figure out. This used to be live vide but I canceled my satellite internet connection. They used to be the only show in town but there are several other internet connection providers. There are no wired providers only wireless like Verizon, ATT and some other ones. For this site I am going to mostly use an old wired modem. So I can't do live video over telephone lines but I can send out single frames.

I am now trying to determine how often I should send frames out and it the old landline modem can handle this. I might reposition the camera so you don't see my back yard.