Put the cursor on the hands and click, or tap screen if iPhone/iPad. Keep doing that and keep counting up and then down. When I was a kid everyone knew how to count to five. Then people knew Ten. They would tell me some older person knew the other numbers. I think the Linguist got the bigger numbers for us. Nine - NimHamook sounded like nine (Well, it begins with a N) so I remembered it. The following numbers sound similar. It's like counting by threes.

Three - HaMook

Six - HamHook

Nine - NimHamook

If you say two numbers together, it is multiplication. HaMook HamHook means 3 x 6 or 18. If you say Ami between the numbers, it means on top of, or addition. HaMook Ami HamHook means 3 + 6 or 9.