GIFs are pictures that move when you put them on a web site. They are created by a special GIF animator program. They just display one picture after another, something like a movie. It is funny how the brain can fill in between motions. You can get a still image a add a few frames and the brain fills in the motion.

This is all stuff that I made up or added to. If you learn animated GIFs there are all kinds of things you can do. The dancing lady I made to turn around and go the other direction. The Peon players I made up. The Print I made up. The single Birdsinger I made up. The Trade Tower thing I changed from a video to an animated GIF so no player was needed. The smiley I changed to an Indian. The house I changed from a Teepee to a Kumeyaay house. The Basket I got from the Hewlett Packard Tribal Digital Village web site and I changed it so it would morph from a basket to CD and then back again. I have other stuff on this site you can use for your educational web site. Do not use for a commercial web sit. That's not what education is about.

I saw this technique on a website. You can get a 3D effect from a flat picture, if you use a special camera. The camera cost $30 so I went and tired it. This is my front yard.