Hutt Mi Meyeewa

Where did you get the dog?

KwaHup KwaHup

Come in Come in

Inyage AchPai

I agree

KaKwaip MeYo?

Did they find the meat?

Mai Ma MeYo?

Where you going?

Kwahan KaNaap

Say something good.

Anam Asoo

Let's go eat.

Yim Ey Yim MeYew MeYo

When are you coming back?

This is a song that is part of the story where a mother turns into a fish after her two sons fooled her.  They ended up hugging each other and turned into a rock.  My Grandmother knew the location.

Song that went with story

This is the only flute song that I have ever heard.  My Grandpa Sam remembered it.  This guy had a dog with a funny back so he made a song about it.  The song was played on a flute.

There are two phrases here.  One says "Ed Brown is my father and he is right here."  The other says "Ed Brown is my father and he is way over there."  Use one when he is near and the other far.