The Indian Mouth

Before we get too far down the road there is the problem of the "Indian Mouth."   I have found that new speakers really have trouble pronouncing words that require a certain sound.  I don't know now to spell the sound but it is something like 'tlch.'  Our word for 'bad' has the sound so listen carefully.  To say good things and bad things you combine 'Uutch' - something with 'Quahaun' - good or 'Waatlch' -bad.  

'Uutch' - something with 'Quahaun' - good or 'Waatlch' -bad.  

Other Basics

Yes and no is 'aaha' and 'waamauw.' 

Maybe is 'UuchuchCho'


Self, or me, is 'Inyage.'  This also means sun.  You is 'Maage' and he/she is 'Nyip.'

Hot and cold is 'Haachur' and 'Waarauw.'

The following are some women's puberty songs.  My Grandfather's Grandmother went  through the ceremony named TaNook.  She learned the songs and would sing them from time to time.

This song was sung when they would "put  clay" according to my Grandfather.  When he would say that he would make forward motions with his thumbs.  I have no idea what he meant.


This songs says "Wind is coming, clouds are coming.  Dance."  The women were laying in some type  of hole.  At evening they had to get out and dance.

I don't remember this one too well.  I think it was when the ceremony was all over and they again got up to dance and eat shawii.

For you guys that can really speak the Indian.  Here is a joke.