Excel - How to delete blank columns

If you followed the previous macros here is a routine to delete blank columns.


Sub DeltBlnkCol()
'I like to save the current address so I can come back to it
C = ActiveCell.Address
'I save the last column of data in "D"
D = Cells.Find("*", SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious).Column
'Keep going through all the columns that contain data
While ActiveCell.Column <= D
' Check to see if the column is empty
  If WorksheetFunction.CountA(Selection.EntireColumn) = 0 Then
'   If it is empty delete it
'   Decrement the number of columns that contain data as one was just deleted
    D = D - 1
'   If is is not empty go to the next column to test it
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
  End If
'Go back to original starting place
End Sub