Many years ago.

My old grandpa Sam Brown.

Told me the creation story. I've had a lot of education, so a lot of the creation story makes sense to me.

My grandpa said: The whole world was ocean and ChaPuHaup was in the sea. I asked my grandpa what does that mean he said? “Something make fresh everything new.” ChaPuHaup means creation. So creation began in the sea. According to modern science, that is correct. The oceans were teeming with life, but the land was bare, like the moon.

There was nothing on the land, but creation did begin in the ocean and the ocean was teeming with life. So that is correct. Creation did begin in the ocean.

Then my Grandfather alluded to something that no one else ever has. He said ChaPuHaup was two, but it's one. He later went on to that ChaPuHaup, although one entity had two different natures, this is known as duality or Chinese “Yin and Yang.” I know more about duality. It is very complicated. It has to do with everything having two natures. There's no such thing as something that is just all good or all bad.

Everyone is both Good and bad.

This is similar to other tribal stories. I read a story where his grandpa was telling his grandson.There are two Wolfs inside you, one good and one bad both fighting for control of you. And the grandson says “Grandpa which wolf wins?” The Grandfather said “The one you feed.” This is ChaPuHaup, ChaPuHaup itself means creation. So, creation began in the ocean and ChaPuHaup was two.

I'm going to refer to them as the good ChaPuHaup and the bad ChaPuHaup. My grandfather told me to be sure that they're just one. So the good ChaPuHaup was in the ocean and he wanted to come out of the ocean. So he came out of the ocean. When he came out of the ocean, he had his eyes closed. After he came out of the ocean, he opened his eyes and looked. And the other ChaPuHaup, what's called a bad ChaPuHaup, said: did you come out of the ocean with your eyes open or your eyes closed and the good ChaPuHaup said that I came out with my eyes open. So the bad ChaPuHaup came out with his eyes open and he was blinded. This means that evil or bad Is blind. It can't go anywhere. Someone has to take it. Someone has come up with a bad idea or bring bad thoughts to you. That's where evil comes from. Evil itself must be led around.

They came there but out of the ocean, and they wanted to make land. So, the good ChaPuHaup reached beneath the ocean, grabbed some mud and put it on top of the ocean began to grow.

When the land began to grow and grow and that's how land was created.

And to this day the land is still growing. I guess you can say that with all volcanoes making new islands and stuff, so I guess the land is still growing to this day. Well, that's first plate I have here on my website. That's kind of an explanation of how I perceive the first plate. Thank you.