Many Thanks to Pat Curo (Barona)

for all his great classes and helping me understand this story.

This is a Ted Curo story (Mesa Grande). There are some really strange things.

The grammer is really complicated. I kind of got it, after a while. the word "vech" is used a lot.

The the "ch" is emphasis and the "ve"  can be described as "the." Not too many people use this.

I think my Grandma may have told me this story, when I was Little.

I don't remember much.

Along time ago the Indian people didnt have chicken coops Heyaa ipavech gayeen nyewaa nyechewiich umaaw
The Chickens slept in a tree Gayeenvech 'ily pehshamup
One morning the rooster Maaykally sin, 'likwich Kuttaattvech
Was sleeping in a tree then saw ily hemaa tewaa nyaapum ums
The coyote was walking then looked up a tree Hattepaa tuuyiw Hattepaavech pehkwiis ily emaaym um
Lets go eat InyaMutt Kunam AsOo
Come and eat a little KaYuk Aasow EstickUm
Listen up Pay attention KeyYipNa KeyTipTaTaQui
North South East West KaTulth Kawak Inyike Ewik
White People MetChis
When MaiYumm
Where MaiiVe
Leave it Alone KeaChum
Exasperation Leeah Maaa
Crazy/Drunk SimARye SimARey
Lie ChoNyet
Yes No Ha WaMoww
I'm hungry NyaWaar
I don't know UuYow_Maow
Thank You EuuHiYeah
My friend EnyaNyewaay
Hello (to a male) Howka
Hello (female)same greeting Howka
What is your name? Ich Mich Mechuuhiia?
My name is Mandy. Mandy Nyechuuhii
How are you? Memeyuu TemenYeWay
And how are you? Maja
Good/fine Ehan
Are you good? MaHuna
Wake up (plural) KeHchap
It's morning NymSup
Wash your face Meyiiw kaallehwas
Brush your hair Hellytaa kuchii
Brush your teeth Eyaaw kaallelhwas
toothbrush Eyaaw kuchii
Get dressed KetaHealth
Make your bed Ayak KuuCho
Put your shoes on Emily chuupitt, ketaahilly
Where are your shoes? Emily chuupitt, maay waa?
Get Ready KeeYulth
Take off (Opposite of Put On) KeaShow
Hurry KeeHalth
Let's go KeeHulth AaNaam
Let's go (Another way) KuuNamm
Take a bath/shower Aha Kethulph
It's a good day Inya HaunChes
Get wood Ill_KaiYuump
Get wood Ill KaiYuu
Get things together KeyUmm
To search for HeMay
Let's go play KoomSeNay
Go play (plural) KoomSeNya
Come in KwaaHaup
How is your family? Memeyuu temenyeway?
Good to see you Maa Ewuu Ehaun
What are you doing? Uutch MemaWee TaWaa
What's going on? Uutch WePai TuuYou
Go greet him/her KaWii Howka
Where are you going? Mai Maah
Where are you all going? Maii NaMh
Are you leaving? MaiiWamchMeYo
I'm leaving. NyaAmmpH
See you later (Goodby) Inyah Ma Wwuu
See you later (Modern) Nya WoomA
Who is going with you? Maap Wa Kwatch
When Maayum
When are you coming? Maayum meyiwh?
When are you leaving? Maayum maa?
When are you returning here? Maayum maakwayk?
When will you do it? Maayum mewii?
What? UUtch
What is this? Nyp Uuchuchu
What smells good? 'uuch wehwiich han?
What are you doing? ‘Uuch mechuuwa?
What do you want? Uutch MarA
What do you have? ‘Uuch menuwiicha?
Who? Maap
Who is that? MaapChis
Who said it? Maap WiiA
Who did it? Maap WiiA (Same as said)
Come and eat KaYuk Kasow
Come and eat (plural) KenneYu KenneSow
Are you full? Memura?
I am full. 'Enya temur.
Go ahead and eat Kam kesuw
Sit down and eat Kenak kesuw
Set out the dishes Suukwiny kethekwaa
Clear the table Lamis kaallhwas
Wash the dishes Suukwiny kaallhwas
Wash your hands Esall enyakin
Let's pray ‘Emaay 'ehad kumwa'aayp
Come here Keyiw
Come here (plural) Menyaamat keneyiw
Sit down Kenak
Sit down (plural) Menyaamat kenenak
Listen Kiyip
Listen (plural) Keniyip
Behave Kawinki
Don't say that Maay kii kumaaw
I'll be right back ‘Enya akwaykh
Get to work Tarchach ka
Are you sleepy? Hiimaally mara?
I am sleepy Hiimaa pawaa
I am tired Hilmaa pawaa
Let’s go to sleep Kumnaah hemaa
Are you tired? Metaawara?
Go to sleep Hiimaa Ka
I’m going to sleep. Kiimaa aamh
Be quiet Hwall kii
Be quiet (Plural) Menyaamat kwaall kil
It’s evening time Tenay
Go lay down Kwelyak
Good dreams Hemap ‘wehan.